Cube "Cubist" Pattern

The Jeannette Glass Company produced the Cube “Cubist” pattern from 1929-1933. This pattern was produced in pink, green, crystal, ultra marine, blue and canary yellow. The Cube pattern closely mirrors Fostoria’s American which has been produced since 1915. American was largely produced in crystal so any pink or green pieces found will most likely not be American. Another company, Indiana, also produced a cube-like pattern in pink and green called Whitehall. This pattern was produced in the 1980 & 90′s. Beware of pieces online being listed as rare Cube or American. They are likely neither and may be Whitehall. It is best to do some homework before purchasing Cube because this pattern is frequently confused with Whitehall.

There were only three pieces of Cube made in crystal – creamer, small sugar and round tray. These were actually produced by Hazel-Atlas and not Jeannette. Pieces found in milk white or amber are also produced by Hazel-Atlas. Also a side note on tumblers. Colored footed tumblers in any shape or size are most likely Whitehall and not American or Cube so be wary.